Best beard trimmers for 2022 tried and tested | Evening Standard

2022-09-24 00:07:07 By : Ms. Katherine Liang

All the top beard trimmers, from multi groomers to classic shavers

eards come in all different shapes and sizes.

The Jason Momoa is a unique grown-out, slightly unkempt goatee. The Drake, on the other hand, is thick, full and well-groomed. Then you’ve got Ben Affleck’s power stubble – tidy and well-manicured – which is the envy of most.

Meanwhile, taches, previously only popular to raise awareness of men’s health in Movember, are back in vogue year-round. The Tom Selleck is a classic look, but we’ve recently seen Normal People’s Paul Mescal with a modern take on lip fuzz.

What we’re getting at is that facial hair moves with the times, influenced by celebrity trends, societal changes (hello lockdown) and pure laziness. All men, therefore, should know how to tend to their facial hair, not only to stop looking like Tom Hanks in the latter part of Castaway, but because, let’s be honest, beards and moustaches are cool.

The beard trimmer, then, is an essential grooming accessory. We’d even go as far as to say it’s on par with the toothbrush, well above the traditional hairbrush. With that in mind, we’ve picked out the best men’s beard trimmers on the market. Taking into account various factors like precision, beard length, battery life, size, travel worthiness and performance. Not forgetting style.

There are classic options for the purists and multi groomers with fancy nose trimming accessories, and guards for body hair maintenance. All were tested on fuzzy faces and various body parts to ensure they didn’t nip, scratch or pull.

See our list of the best beard trimmers for men below

This pick is one of the best men’s mid-range beard trimmers for thicker beards that need some taming. Panasonic’s rechargeable wet and dry cordless shaver looks smart and comes with various easy-to-use settings, accessible via a handy dial near the thumb.

This allows you to jump up and down the settings while you trim. It’s not a one-stroke shaver, so you’ll have to go over the same patch a few times, but it is durable – even on stubborn hairs. Plus, there’s a handy pop-out precision blade for getting rid of lip-tickling moustache hairs. The best thing is, there aren’t loads of additional, unnecessary guards and combs, so it’s easy to take on weekend trips – it comes with a handy travel bag too. A one hour charge time gives you 50 minutes of trimming.

Braun’s MGK7221 sounds more like a flight number than a shaver, but is a solid option for fellas wanting more than a standard beard trimmer for a reasonable price. This nifty multi groomer tackles beards of various lengths, all the way down to stubble. Partners will be pleased to know it comes with specific attachments to tackle stray nose and ear hairs. Productivity gurus and time-short parents can use it in the shower to save time.

It also does an excellent job at body grooming thanks to its easy-to-adjust four comb technology and various sensitive-part-protecting guards. Plus, it comes with a Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor for when you need to clean shave for an upcoming wedding/funeral/job interview or a first meeting with the in-laws.

We’ve gone high and low on Remington, which is purely because they have some of the best men’s beard trimmers on the market. This one is pricier because it’s fancy – look at that elegant black and gold livery – but it’s not all style over substance. It comes with nine hair and beard combs – ideal for experimenting with beard styles.

If not, you’ll probably only use one or two. Two other big bonuses are that you can use it in the shower and charge it in five minutes for a quick trim – a full charge takes four hours. There’s also a clever safety lock, so it doesn’t accidentally start up in your luggage and drain the battery before you’ve arrived on your holidays. The hum is quiet, too, which your neighbours will be thankful for.

If you’ve got a couple of quid in the bank and you’re in the market for the best men’s beard trimmer that can also tend to your hair, you’re in luck. This all-singing, all-dancing shaver comes with 12 combs. Although it’s on the smaller side, which won’t appeal to the head shavers, but will still glides through all kinds of hair. It has a clever travel lock, which will stop it going off in the overhead locker and prevent strange looks from fellow plane passengers.

The nose and hair trimming add-on is a bonus, and the precision blade is ideal for tight spots around the moustache or beard borders. There’s a one-minute quick charge setting, which gives you three vital minutes to tidy up your facial hair before going out. Plus, it’s fully waterproof and charges in an hour: win-win.

Philips has designed a properly slick-looking men’s beard trimmer here. The tech backs up the design, too, thanks to clever dual cut technology and self-sharpening blades that cut even the toughest hair. Men who want the best beard trimmer for all-around use, including the body, won’t be disappointed.

This multi groomer comes with 14, yes 14, attachments for all kinds of functions – including hair, nose and ear and precision blades. Some have skin-protection systems that stop unwanted body parts from getting nipped. Like other higher-priced trimmers, a quick charge function takes five minutes and gives you a full shave (or thereabouts) unless you’re a woolly mammoth. It’s also easy to clean and works well in the shower. 

If you’re the kind of bloke that looks at an article on the best beard trimmers for men simply for the budget option, let us save you some time. This is the budget option. That’s not to say it isn’t any good, it just doesn’t have all the fancy add-ons you get from those with a higher price tag.

Remington’s cheap, straightforward, battery-powered trimmer has 17 cutting lengths that are easy to navigate, thanks to a clever zoom wheel (ideal for those not into gadgets). One bugbear with trimmers is that hairs clog up the blades; thankfully, these ones are removable and easy to rinse. It also comes with a handy travel bag – not bad for under £20. 

Beard trimming can be messy business: think clogged sinks, drains, and stubbly hairs in unwanted places. Thankfully, this men’s beard trimmer comes with smart vacuum technology to stop those stray hairs littering carpets and bathrooms.

Remarkable, really, given the price. It’s pretty clunky and not fancy - there aren’t any swish Japanese blades or loads of add-ons - but if you want something cheap and cheerful, it’ll do the job. It works better on medium to long beards than it does on stubble. And also doubles as a simple hair trimmer if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Nicky Clarke.

The Panasonic Wet & Dry Rechargeable Beard Trimmer came out on top for its simplicity, adaptability and aesthetic appeal. Braun’s MGK7221 came a close second for similar reasons and perhaps offers the best bang for your buck.