Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver with ceramic blades launched for $77 -

2022-03-26 06:48:58 By : Ms. Annie Li

Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, is a versatile company that produces a lot of products. Mijia is one of the company’s sub-brands that releases mostly accessories and household items. Today, a new device from Mijia appeared on Xiaomi Youpin and it is the Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver. According to GizmoAlpha, the product was released today and it is available for sale. Mijia has many electric shavers but this is the first that comes with a ceramic blade.

The Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver comes with zirconia ceramic blades. The price of this device is  499 yuan ($77). Xiaomi Youpin does not ship outside China. Thus, only those in China can purchase this device for now. However, in a few weeks, we expect this shaver to hit other online stores that ship globally but the price may slightly increase. 

The shape of this device is no different from regular electric shavers but it uses a metal body. We can clearly see the power and blade speed control button on the top of the shaver shaft. Beneath these two buttons, we have six indicators. Three of these indicators show the speed of the blade while the other three show the battery level, travel lock, and charging.

In terms of strength, Xiaomi claims that this electric shaver S700 withstood some rigorous tests. Firstly, the ceramic blade survived immersion in strong acid and alkali for 360 minutes without any reaction. Also, the blade does not react with water, shaving foam, or detergent. This means that it will still work well after washing with detergent. Furthermore, the ceramic cutter head adopts a special mold and structure design. The toughness, bending strength, impact strength, and resistance far exceeds regular ceramics. It is not easy to break during daily use.

In addition, the Mijia electric shaver S700 is highly resistant to corrosion and is skin-friendly. After usage for 240 hours, there was no obvious wear. If the user uses it for 2 minutes a day, it can be used for at least 19 years.

According to GizmoAlpha, the  Mijia Electric Shaver S700 is Mijia’s “first shaver to use a high-end direct-drive brushless motor. The application of direct-drive brushless low-noise motors greatly increases the service life”. This motor ensures that the shaver is silent and more efficient.

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