The 8 Best Electric Razors in 2022

2022-03-26 06:42:30 By : Mr. David Hou

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Living your best, hairless life is no easy feat. With countless hair removal options like waxing, sugaring, and epilators, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes you feel better going back to basics and picking up your razor. If your prefer shaving the old fashioned way, it might be time for a high-tech upgrade. Enter: Electric razors. These chargeable shavers are just like regular razors, but with an oscillating blade that picks up hairs and prevents irritation.

According to board-certified dermatologist and Stryke Club co-founder Dr. Sheilagh Maguiness, electric razors are the better alternative to traditional shavers. "There are many benefits to shaving with an electric razor, especially for those with sensitive skin," Dr. Maguiness says. "An electric razor grips and removes hair just a little above the skin’s surface, which is a safer way to remove hair than shaving with a traditional blade. Typical razor blades shave the hair right at the skin’s surface, which can lead to unintentional cuts or abrasions in the skin, as well as irritate the hair follicle. Because of this, shaving with a blade tends to cause more irritation, redness, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and ultimately folliculitis, a mild bacterial infection within the hair follicle. Using an electric razor will pose less trauma to the hair follicle and therefore minimize those potential complications from shaving."

Most importantly, remember to maintain your skin after you shave. "Another way to mitigate possible irritation and infection from shaving is to use a cleanser that is antimicrobial before and after shaving to help reduce bacteria on the skin, like the Stryke Club Everywhere Wash," adds Dr. Maguiness. "Also, don’t forget to moisturize the skin right after bathing to lock in water and restore the skin barrier, this is another important way to help minimize irritation from shaving."

Ahead, the best electric razors for a silky smooth shave.

This sleek razor features a hypoallergenic flexing foil specifically designed for sensitive skin for the closest and smoothest shave possible.

Get hard-to-reach spots with the pivot-action shaving head that easily glides across sensitive skin like the bikini area.  

Four blades are cushioned by a moisturizing almond strip for comfortable passes every time. 

Catch every last strand thanks to the built-in illuminating LED light that reveals even the finest hairs in your underarms and bikini area. 

Perfect for travel, this mini shaver fits in the palm of your hand and can be easily slipped into your purse or carry-on. 

Remove peach fuzz with this celeb-loved razor that helps exfoliate skin while removing unwanted hairs on your face. 

A dermaplaning tool will remove dead skin cells to make your skincare absorb quicker and makeup apply smoothly. 

Remove hair quickly and quietly with a 6,000 RPM motor with up to 5 hours of battery life.