Reality star Jamie Otis shares 'inspiring' message on shaving: 'Body hair is normal'

2022-09-24 00:10:51 By : Ms. Coco Li

Jamie Otis is getting honest about the struggles of shaving.

On Wednesday, the 35-year-old "Married At First Sight" star shared an Instagram Reel, advocating for the normalization of body hair.

In the video, on-screen text reads: "POV: you just shaved your legs, bikini and pits," as Otis dances in a white and pink swimsuit and a pink robe beside a pool, before unveiling close-up footage of her leg hair and razor bumps.

"Razor burn is the worst!" she captioned the post for her more than 850,000 followers. "I've tried all the potions and lotions and I still get it. But I ain't letting hair stubbles or razor burn rain on my parade anymore. I'm putting the suit on and going swimmin' with my hairy legs, red bumps and all my other 'flaws.'

"Us women have been told for so long that we need skin as smooth as a baby's bottom to be 'clean' and 'beautiful,' but men can have hair all over their legs and the bushiest backs and underarms, and it's considered normal."

The reality star admitted that while she'd love to rebel by growing out her body hair, she feels "cleaner" without it.

"Honestly, having long leg hair while wearing jeans is like nails on a chalkboard to me," she wrote.

"Body hair is normal. If you feel like getting rid of it, awesome! If you don't, awesome!"

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The mom-of-two added a disclaimer in the comments, reiterating that her decision to shave is a personal choice and feels "cleaner" to her.

"I'm by no means perfect and I'm still learning how to un-learn what society has taught us women about beauty standards," she penned. "I do feel 'cleaner' when I shave, especially down there. I don't want to lie and say otherwise (although, I think a woman [and man] can be clean down there without having to rid of all body hair). It's just my own feeling."

Otis's followers met her post with supportive comments and thanked the body positive influencer for her message.

"Inspiring as always! Thank you for sharing and for being so transparent," an Instagram user commented. "Your decision to shave or not shave is just that, your decision. To each their own."

"Thank you for helping to normalize this!" someone else wrote.

One person chimed in: "All of this! Yes! Work it, girl!"

"You are so real and honest. A true breath of fresh air!" commented another.

Another fan shared: "Yes! Normalize razor bumps, please. Not everyone can afford laser hair removal or to go get waxed every two weeks. Sometimes shaving is the only option and we definitely shouldn't feel ashamed of the effects of that."

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In July, Otis opened up about raising her two-year-old son, Hendrix, to "respect women," and not perpetuate toxic beauty standards in a body positive message to her Instagram followers.

She shared a clip in a swimming pool with Hendrix, paired with the song "Victoria's Secret" by Jax. Otis broke down the lyrics of the song in the video, calling out the renowned lingerie brand for its "unrealistic" beauty standards.

"Victoria's Secret has been revealed. If only this song existed when I was a little girl starving myself to look like the 'Angels' I saw on TV," she wrote before dissecting the lyrics of the song.

She concluded by revealing that she plans on teaching her son to respect women and their bodies.

"I'll be raising my sweet baby boy (who was having an absolute blast making this Reel with me) to respect women completely. Their bodies, their voicesand their choices," Otis shared.

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