Where To Find All Crystal Skulls In Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

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Wondering where to find all Crystal Skulls in Ninja Gaiden 3? This guide has got you covered.

Crystal Skulls are one of the collectibles that you will find scattered around the different levels in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. The Crystal Skulls come in small shapes and sizes, and are colored light blue. Each of these gives you 5,000 Karma points for collecting them.

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The location of each Crystal Skull is unknown on the map, but you will have to go out of your way during missions to look for them. The following guide will cover the location of every Crystal Skull that you can collect in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.

Collecting a Crystal Skull will give you 5,000 Karma Points, and upon interaction with them, it will teleport you to a battle arena called Tests of Valor.

In the Tests of Valor battle arena, you will have to go through three waves of enemies and a final boss battle. You will face different enemies in the first three waves, and both these and the boss will keep getting more difficult to fight against for each Crystal Skull you find.

If you pass every Test of Valor successfully, you will receive the Crystal Skull Trophy. However, even if you fail the challenge, you will receive a Fiend Hayabusa outfit for Ryu and a Raging God - Nine of Violet outfit for Ayane after collecting all the Crystal Skulls.

After the Test of Valor battle, you will be teleported back to the location from where you picked up the Crystal Skull. Your health bar will also be fully recharged.

Below are the locations of all Crystal Skulls, with a brief description of how to reach them:

During the start of your journey as Ryu you will have to perform two Kunai Climbs. After you kill the enemy at the top and do the second Kunai Climb, there will be a blue door on your left and a fence on the right with space under it.

You don't need to go inside the door for now. Head right towards the fence and slide through the gap to the other side. Turn left and around the bend into the open area where you will find the Crystal Skull. Kill the three enemies first before you interact with the Crystal Skull.

Progressing through the second day of your journey, you will find a wrecked helicopter on fire. After you slide under it, you will be attacked by the pilot.

When you have completed the quick-time event, look to the right to find ledges that you can climb on. Run towards the pole to jump to the platform across. Now use the white wall to run towards the top of the train, where you will find the Crystal Skull.

When playing Ayane on the second day, you will be ambushed by enemies. Get to the ledge on the second floor and take them down. When you perform the wall jump across the gap, look for a pole that you can swing on behind you.

Wall Run to the pole and swing to the next platform. Again, Wall Run towards the next ledge and Kunai Climb to the top. Jump down the gap and you will find the Crystal Skull.

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During the third day of your journey as Ryu, you will find yourself in a missile silo at one point. You will have to fight through the enemies here to reach the top, after passing through a cave section. Look towards the white wall on your left — you can jump on this instead of wall jumping to the shaft at the top area of the missile silo.

Wall Run to the pole and onto the next one. Use the second pole to jump onto the platform with the Crystal Skull.

At the exit of the acid pit, look to the opposite side instead of dropping down. There will be two poles that you can use to jump onto the wall. Swing on the poles and jump at the wall ahead, then Kunai Climb to the top and into the pipe.

Look behind you and jump onto the platform using the pole. Wall Run towards the next platform and then to the next. There will be an entrance to the pipe on the last platform, from where an enemy will appear.

Kill the enemy and head past the entrance of the pipe to find the Crystal Skull.

After crossing the area with a long bridge and Kunai Climbing the wall to the top, take the path on the left.

Keep your eyes on the right side of the wall in your path. There will be a hole on the right side that you can go through. On the other side of the wall will be a platform onto which you can jump. On top of that platform will be a Crystal Skull.

When you have passed the area with test tubes and found the exit on your left, go straight under the wooden boards. On the other side will be a room with more test tubes.

Go right, and then take a left, to find the Crystal Skull.

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When you are attacked by the Chimera while playing as Ayane, go through the container and Wall Jump across. Drop down and walk through the second container.

On top of the second container (that you just walked through) will be the Crystal Skull. You can reach it by Wall Running from the containers on the right side.

When you have cleared out the second sentry on the second ship, you will find stairs that lead you to a door. Instead of going through the door, Kunai Climb to the wall on your left.

Turn left and go through the gap. On the other side will be a Crystal Skull.

You will find the final Crystal Skull of the game on the eighth day. When you Falcon Dive on the Chimera standing in the street, look towards the left to find a gap in the rubble.

Go through the gap and wall jump to the top. You will find the last Crystal Skull there.

These are all the Crystal Skulls that you will find in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. A total of ten Crystal Skulls will give you 50,000 Karma Points, that you will need to progress your character and Katana level to the max. It will also unlock new skills as you advance through the ranks. It is necessary to collect as many Karma Points as you can, and Crystal Skulls are your best bet for that.

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